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CONSTELACIONES ART FAIR - Nuevo León Monterrey February 2024

Participation in the second edition of the Art Fair "Constelaciones" in Monterrey, Nuevo León, together with outstanding Mexican contemporary artists.

BLACK, BROWN & BEIGE - Los Angeles California September 30 to March 30, 2024

Group exhibition at "Watts Towers Art Center", with artists from Los Angeles, Latin America and the African American community, participates with his work "El abrazo de la musa".

MURAL IN UNIVERSIDAD LATINA DE AMERICA - Morelia Michoacán February 2024 

Individual creation of a 10-meter mural at the Universidad Latina de America, which will reflect the mission and core values of the institution, focusing on the themes of innovation and leadership.

BADA Mexico- CDMX from February 8 to 11, 2024

In collaboration with mezcal Santo Gusano and the freedom foundation, he intervened a live Canvas during the fair, donating the painting to the foundation.

Artists Forever - Los Angeles California June 23 - July 16

Collective exhibition in "Plaza de la Raza" Los Angeles, together with artists from all over California and Latin America, he participates in the exhibition with his work "Divinidad" 

Art festival - Los Angeles California June 5 

Together with artists from around the world and locals, he participates in a group exhibition in Los Angeles to support the candidacy of Luis J. Rodriguez as governor 

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