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Mikel Parra 

Mikel Parra, a Mexican artist born in Morelia, Michoacán, in 2002, establishes his home and creative workshop in the same city where he was born. His work focuses on the exploration of the contemporary human being, using the body as a means to represent the intimacy of intrapersonal thoughts in society. Mikel invites you to challenge the perception of the environment and immerse yourself in the intimate sphere of the human psyche.


With a prominent presence in the international art scene, Mikel Parra has participated in group exhibitions in various countries, including Italy, Spain, the United States and Mexico. His participation covers a wide range of projects, from auctions and interviews to collaborations in magazines, covers, television programs, contests and foundations, establishing himself as an icon among the youth artistic community.


Through his works, Mikel Parra openly shares his feelings, thoughts, criticisms and concerns about the world around him. His artistic expression, characterized by the corporal representation of human beings, expressive colors and vibrant or subtle tones, offers a window to his constant reflection and criticism on the reality that surrounds him.



CONSTELACIONES ART FAIR - Nuevo León Monterrey February 2024

Participation in the second edition of the Art Fair "Constelaciones" in Monterrey, Nuevo León, together with outstanding Mexican contemporary artists.


BLACK, BROWN & BEIGE - Los Angeles California September 30 to March 30, 2024

Group exhibition at "Watts Towers Art Center", with artists from Los Angeles, Latin America and the African American community, participates with his work "El abrazo de la musa" (The Muse's Embrace).


MURAL IN UNIVERSIDAD LATINA DE AMERICA - Morelia Michoacán February 2024 

Individual creation of a 10-meter mural at the Universidad Latina de America, which will reflect the mission and core values of the institution, focusing on the themes of innovation and leadership

BADA Mexico- CDMX from February 8 to 11 

In collaboration with mezcal Santo Gusano and the freedom foundation, he intervened a live Canvas during the fair, donating the painting to the foundation.

Participation in the book "Flamantes" book of emerging artists Autumn- Spain 2022 
After a selection process around the world, he participates in the 25th edition of the book Flamantes in Spain, which is distributed throughout Europe and private buyers of the book.

Collective exhibition "Artists forever" in Plaza de la raza - LOS ANGELES UNITED STATES 2022
International collective exhibition with California and Latin American artists together with the collective "Rise Arts Collective" are part of the exhibition "Artists forever" from June 23 to July 16

Together with artists from all over the world and local artists, he participates in a collective exhibition in Los Angeles with "Self Help Graphics & Arts"  to support the candidacy of Luis J. Rodriguez as governor 

Group exhibition at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery - MILAN ITALY 2022 
International collective exhibition "Liquid Arsenal", after being selected with various artists from all over the world, participates in the exhibition exhibited in Italy and Spain

Exhibition  Collective at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery - CANARY ISLANDS SPAIN 2022
International collective exhibition "Liquid Arsenal", after being selected with various artists from all over the world, participates in the exhibition exhibited in Italy and Spain

Group exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey - NUEVO LEÓN MONTERREY 2021
At 18 years old, with 10 artists selected by the entire republic, he exhibits in one of the best museums in the state of Nuevo León with three works

Art auction at the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey - NUEVO LEÓN MONTERREY 2021
At the age of 18, she participates in an art auction of the SARO organization, in benefit of violated women, donating 60% of the sale of the works to the organization.

Collective exhibition at hotel Kavia- NUEVO LEÓN MONTERREY 2021
Participate in a group show at the Kavia hotel in Monterrey.

Interview Nexum- MORELIA MICH 2020
Participate in a personal interview in number 125 of the magazine, in this interview he talks about his plans for the future and ideas as an artist.

Exhibition  collective at home milan - CDMX  2020
He exhibits at 17 at “Casa Milán” as part of a collective exhibition by the “Mexicraneos” project.

Exhibition at Pepsi Center - CDMX 2020
He exhibited at the age of 17 at the Pepsi Center in CDMX, participating in the largest urban exhibition in Latin America and standing out with his work "Night"

Collective exhibition in QTO -TEQUISQUIAPAN  2020
At the age of 17, he participates in a collective exhibition in the state of Queretaro in one of the wonderful magical towns of Mexico with his work "Colores"

At the age of 17, he participates in one of the largest painting meetings in the state, excelling at the Antiguo Colegio Jesuita Cultural Center, positioning himself as one of the best artists in the state of Michoacan at the age of 17.

NEXUM magazine cover - MORELIA MICH 2020
He participates for the 6th time in the cover, which is exhibited around Morelia.

NEXUM magazine cover - MORELIA MICH 2020
Due to the contingency caused by Covid 19, the magazine was exposed virtually on all the virtual platforms where it was physically available.  

NEXUM magazine cover - MORELIA MICH 2020 
It again becomes the cover of the magazine, and the cover is filled with colors from the work "colors". The magazine is exhibited in bookstores and in the Michoacán culture department.

NEXUM magazine cover - MORELIA  MICH 2020 
He continues to work as an illustrator for the magazine and again participates in the cover.

Collective exhibition in gallery "Aguafuerte" - CDMX 2019 
He participates again in a collective exhibition in CDMX which is once again a success and stands out again.

Interview on TV program "+ que estilo"- CDMX 2019
He is interviewed on the television program "+ que estilo" where he tells us about his life plans and his artistic style. Mikel parra promises to excel in the world of visual arts.

Expo auction in gallery "Aguafuerte"-CDMX 2019 
At the age of 16, he exhibited at an Auction Expo  CDMX with his painting "mask" and stands out in the exhibition by participating in the auction and getting an interview on television.

NEXUM magazine cover - MORELIA MICH 2019
Make again the cover of the magazine and the illustrations of it.
NEXUM magazine cover -MORELIA MICH 2019 
He becomes an official illustrator of NEXUM magazine and also on the cover with just  15 years. Which has been exhibited in the Michoacan culture secretariat and in various bookstores.

Collective exhibition in “la cabrona” gallery — PÁTZCUARO MICH 2019 
Study the composition of faces and participate in a  collective exhibition in Pátzcuaro with his painting "Yo" which received many offers and good reviews. This is the first exhibition outside his hometown at only 15 years old.

Collective exhibition at the UNAM cultural center - MORELIA MICH 2018
Submerged in Chinese ink, he creates a unique style with it and immerses himself again in anatomical drawing, but now he perfects it with Chinese ink, making his first deformations, he begins to create black and white paintings, exhibits again on the spot and He stands out again with his paintings.

Collective exhibition at the UNAM cultural center — MORELIA MICH 2017
After taking some time to get to know his style and painting, he returns to perfect the composition of the spaces in the drawing and environment workshop at UNAM, masters Chinese ink and exhibits again, standing out in the exhibition.

Collective exhibition in the cultural center of the UNAM  — MORELIA MICH 2015
Anatomical drawing workshop with the teacher Angel Paguamba in the cultural center of the UNAM Morelia, where he stood out and exhibited on site. 



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